Don’t be a jerk: Code of Conduct for Euro-Par 2021 Conference Participants

As the Euro-Par community, we believe that discussions bring value, advance understanding and lead to new, exciting research cooperations. However, we strongly believe that such discussions must be held respecting all. At Euro-Par, we have a long history of successful meetings with very different people working and playing together. This code of conduct helps to formalize some of the rules we long-held implicit.

We, the 2021 organizers, reserve rights to temporary or permanently ban participants who don’t follow these rules. We will report particularly bad cases to their institutions.

We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, cultural and social background, age, physical appearance, or disability. We do not tolerate unwelcome physical contact or sexual advances. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue.

For the 2021 virtual edition, we additionally adopt the following rules:

  • Register and participate in on-line discussions using your full name (e.g. Krzysztof Rzadca), rather than abbreviations (krzadca) or nicks (krz). Your login is your conference badge. Use your academic/professional email to register - this will help us to limit impersonation attempts.
  • Be extra kind to others. Sadly, an on-line conversation, even with a video, carries much less context than face-to-face interactions. Your discussion partners can miss a joke, or a reference and feel bad. Be extra kind and make sure your point is transmitted clearly.
  • Be an active listener. As in previous, non-virtual editions, we want Euro-Par to be much more than just the proceedings. The week we spend together is your chance to ask questions, raise doubts, suggest new perspectives or research directions. Please do interact with the authors.
  • Do not record talks. We will provide links to recordings of all talks (that consent to do so) on the conference webpage.

Something seems wrong? Say something before it escalates:

  • I feel harassed/I feel that someone is harassing someone else: contact the chairs (Krzysztof Rzadca, Maciej Malawski) using a private channel of our on-line discussion tool (which has a shorter RTT than an email). We (the chairs) guarantee that your claim will be handled swiftly and that your identity will be protected.
  • I see inappropriate content (e.g., zoom-bombing): we have volunteers (technical moderators) continuously monitoring conference communication channels, but they might have missed something. Contact the technical moderator of the channel you’re at.


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