PhD Symposium Program

PhD Session 1
August 30 - 4:00 AM New York | 9:00 AM Lisbon | 10:00 AM Brussels | 4:00 PM Beijing

Memory Efficient Deep Neural Network Training
» Alena Shilova

Parallelization and auto-scheduling of data access queries in ML workloads
» Pawel Bratek, Lukasz Szustak and Jaroslaw Zola

Communication overlapping Pipelined Conjugate Gradients for Distributed Memory Systems and Heterogeneous Architectures
» Manasi Tiwari and Sathish Vadhiyar

Scalable hybrid parallel ILU preconditioner to solve sparse linear systems
» Raju Ram, Daniel Grünewald and Nicolas R Gauger

Low-Overhead Reuse Distance Profiling Tool for Multicore
» Muhammad Aditya Sasongko, Didem Unat and Milind Chabbi


PhD Session 2
August 30 - 5:50 AM New York | 10:50 AM Lisbon | 11:50 AM Brussels | 5:50 PM Beijing

Interferences between Communications and Computations in Distributed HPC Systems
» Philippe Swartvagher

A Low Overhead Tasking Model for OpenMP (abstract)
» Chenle Yu, Sara Royuela and Eduardo Quiñones

Application-Based Fault Tolerance for Numerical Linear Algebra at Large Scale
» Daniel Alberto Torres Gonzalez, Camille Coti and Laure Petrucci

Collaborative, distributed, scalable and low-cost plat-form based on microservices, containers, mobile devices and Cloud services to solve compute-intensive tasks
» David Marcelo Petrocelli, Armando De Giusti and Marcelo Naiouf

Model-based Loop Perforation
» Daniel Maier


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